Paid Listing Upgrades

Membership Packs

All users of this site are allowed to post two ads totally free of charge. Once these ads have expired, or if you delete them before their expiry date, then you will be allowed to post another two ads. Basically, you are allowed to have two free ads posted at any give time.

If you wish to post more than two ads, then a Membership Pack will need to be purchased. The Membership Packs that we offer start at a very affordable price, and you we are confident that you will find an option that suits your specific needs. Please visit the “Purchase Membership” page to see what membership options are available.

Featured Ads

During the process of posting your ad, you will be given an option to post a “Featured Ad”. If you select this paid option, your ad will be featured on our homepage in a prominent position on our Featured Ads slider, and your ad will also be highlighted so that it stands out from the other regular ads in search results. The idea behind using this option is that the more exposure your ad receives, the more likely you are to experience a positive outcome to your listing.